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How Are Every Day Heroes The Back Bone of Philanthropy?

We connected with Jacqueline, the awesome lady behind 365give, via Twitter.  Bonding over our mutual love of giving, Jacqueline was nice enough to agree to write a post for our World Give Day blog series.  In her post she talks about “Every Day Heroes” and how they make a difference.

Day 212:How are Every Day Heroes the Back Bone of Philanthropy?


Posted by jacqueline in My Story

212 Days ago I started a personal mission. I committed to giving every day for 365 days. I believe you can change the world one give, one day at a time.

On May 4, 2011, I will celebrate World Give Day to bring an awareness to daily giving and highlight its many shapes and forms. Some gives are big, like the donor that gives half his fortune away. Some are considered small, like buying a coffee for the next person in line at your favourite coffee shop. After 212 days of consecutive giving, I know that every “give” counts. Every action of giving creates a ripple effect in one way or another and inspires people to also give. If we all conducted a give every day the world would be a better place to live.

My personal giving journey has connected me to some extraordinary “Every Day Heroes.” These people are doing remarkable things because they are motivated by their passion to give. Whether they realize it or not, they are inspiring other people through their own personal giving actions….

Read the rest of the post here.

Small Scale Volunteering With A Large Scale Impact

Giving is about more than just money, it is about providing something that will help others.  As our friends over at Volunteer Match discuss in their post, it is also important to remember to give of your time.

A big thanks to our volunteering friends for all they do to make this world a better place.

Small-Scale Volunteering with Large-Scale Impact

by Shari Ilsen on April 27, 2011 · 0 comments

in Volunteer recognition

Imagine for just a minute that your nonprofit is like a living, breathing human body. With each step the body takes, you come closer to fulfilling your mission.

There are thousands of factors involved in making this body work. But the structure, the skeleton of your organization, is formed by your volunteers. They determine the shape, strength and function of the body and how exactly you’ll accomplish your important work.

With so many bones to keep track of, most of us tend to forget about the small ones, like the individual vertebrae in our backbone. Unless they’re not working right, these parts are not constantly at the forefront of our awareness the way our arms and legs are – but there’s no doubt about their importance.

Your small-scale volunteers, the ones you only see occasionally, are like these small bones. They come in when asked, love your work, and really do help out, even if their contribution is measured in hours per month or year instead of hours per week. Some of us may not fully appreciate these volunteers until they’re gone or, well, not really working right.

So let’s take some time now to recognize these small bones in the skeleton of your organization. Maybe they just come in an hour or two per month. Maybe they join you for one day a year. But we all feel their impact, and our nonprofits depend on their help. They might be small, like individual vertebrae, but together they form the backbone of your organization.

Click here to read more about virtual, micro and all other kinds of volunteers.

Seven Days Of Giving

One of the purposes of World Give Day is to encourage people to make giving a part of their daily lives, not just something that happens on a rare occasion.

To get people in the giving spirit, everyone over here at GiveForward is excited to kick off a fundraising competition that runs for the week leading into World Give Day.  This competition is called “Seven Days of Giving”.

During the week leading up to World Give Day, the fundraiser that raises the most money will win a $750 contribution from GiveForward.

All public fundraisers on our site are eligible to win the World Give Day Challenge. If you’re rooting for a particular project, be sure to give it that extra boost during the seven days between April 28th and May 4th to increase its likelihood of winning. This is a great opportunity to both promote your favorite fundraiser and support World Give Day. With arms sore from our free hugs marathon, we’ll present the victorious fundraiser with its laurel wreath and milk jug on May 5th.

Guess what today is?  Day one.  Have you given a little something today?

One Person Can Make A Difference

This mother-daughter contribution to the World Give Day blog series perfectly captures the impact that giving can have from the point of view of a cancer survivor.  Who better to talk about the difference that individuals can make, than someone who fought through breast cancer and then in turn gave her time and strength to help others do the same?

A big thanks to Jamie and Linda for taking the time to share their experience.

One Person Can Make A Difference

by Jamie Hager

I am thrilled to take part in World Give DayGiveForward is an amazing organization that helps individuals fundraise for medical and philanthropic causes. When writing my own post (which is coming shortly!) for World Give Day, I kept thinking of my mom. Not only is she the greatest mother (I’m slightly biased), she is an amazing, caring, selfless woman. Since beating breast cancer, she has taken it upon herself to help other cancer patients. Whether its being an advocate, raising funds, or simply being an empathetic ear, Linda goes above and beyond. Before I shared my own thoughts for World Give Day, I wanted to share what my mom wrote for World Give Day:

Who says that one person can’t make a difference in the world? Or change the world to a better place?  That certainly is not my motto. I believe that behind every fundraising dollar there is always a passionate person.  I am one of those people.  

Click here to keep reading about how these two keep the giving spirit alive every year.

Open Books

Most of the World Give Day partners are all pretty dedicated bookworms so it seemed only natural to reach out to our buddies at Open Books to write about what giving means in their world.

Check out this inspiring post and then head over to Open Books to pick up a good read!

World Give Day: Small-scale Donors are the Backbone of Philanthropy

By Erica | April 20th, 2011

To begin, let me shed some light on the mission of World Give Day, which is May 4th this year.  World Give Day is one day a year when people all over the world come together to support the causes they care about most, whether that means a donating to a local charity, volunteering with a nonprofit, or spending time with a person in need in your community.  The focus is to call attention to the positive impact of a culture of giving.

While every nonprofit dreams of a hitting a grant jackpot which would secure them unlimited funding, we cannot depend solely on receiving grants or winning awards to fund our organization.  We rely on the compassion of individuals.  These small-scale donors are the building blocks of a nonprofit; They help us make ends meet and provide our organization with the human capital to power our programs. At Open Books, we are fortunate enough to see individuals who give of themselves every day, from the donors who give us their used books, to the mentors who work with our students, and the volunteers who staff our bookstore.

Continue reading Erica’s awesome post here.

Zealous Good

Our friend (and reciprocated friend/founder crush) Brittany Martin at Zealous Good wrote an awesome top 10 list for World Give Day.  Check it out!

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love World Give Day

Written on April 20, 2011 by Brittany Lin Martin in Uncategorized

10. I love an excuse to make a top 10 list. And this is a good one!

9. The second annual World Give Day takes place on May 4th which is coming up soon!

8. It is similar to Thanksgiving but without the food hangover.

7. It was started by GiveForward and I have a friend/founder crush on both Desiree and Ethan (don’t worry, my fiancé is cool with it).

Wanna see the rest of the top 10?  Click here and head over to Zealous Good and show them a little love.

Tutor Mentor Connection

Tutor Mentor Connection joined the World Give Day conversation yesterday with their own post on why small scale donors are changing the face of philanthropy.  Please take a moment to read their post and learn more about this great group.

For more from this blog series click here.  Want to join the conversation?  Email us to get involved in this blog series.

SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2011

World Give Day – May 4, 2011

I was invited by my friends at Give Forward to participate in a blog series they are hosting at in honor of World Give Day < > .

World Give Day is an annual day of giving that encourages people to give whether it is a donation, their time, or even a hug. The goal of this day is to encourage the culture of giving.

Since I’ve led an organization for 37 years that has depended on the contributions of time, talent and dollars from many people, I’m delighted to write about this.

In fact, I’ve been writing about the challenges of making mentor-rich non-school tutor/mentor programs available in hundreds of locations for the past 18 years in my role as leader of Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

I hope you’ll take some time to read some of the past articles.

The challenge of a non-profit leader is the same challenge I had as an advertising manager of the Montgomery Ward Corporation, yet larger.

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