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Sharing the Giving

Our friend, Bryan Fenster, has been a GiveForward buddy for years.  A philanthropist through and through, we’re honored to have Bryan take part in our World Give Day blog series.

World Give Day 2011

As World Give Day is shown on the horizon, I can’t help but think of how far we’ve come as small-scale donors. Because of you, the often voiceless have a voice, a community can rally and change their narrative, create, build, love harder, and make the best damn tasting “Lemonade” out of the lemons life has given them. Even those who are unable to pay for medical bills/treatment are getting a shot because of your willingness to “GiveForward“.

The digital divide between small-scale donors is closing by the day. Crowdfunding, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and email chains sustain us with what seems like infinite possibilities to get involved and give our time or at the very least, a donation. A donation, no matter the amount, can go a long way. It’s very honorable to give your hard-earned to an organization or cause, family members and friends, and complete strangers. Personally, it’s one the most fulfilling feelings, knowing that you’ve contributed and created movement and progress, to the bettering of a situation or human life. This closes the divide between us that much more while instilling an invested interest that has the potential to influence.

Read the rest of Bryan’s awesome post.


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