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Giving hugs

Just a taste of our morning giving out hugs, if you want to get your own hug we will  be at Daley plaza from 11:30am-1pm handing out hugs!


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  1. […] is the day, kids.  World Give Day is here.  GiveForward’s team has spent the day giving hugs and making donations.  How do you plan on […]

  2. […] a large corporate contribution; and, awesomely, GiveForward gave out literally hundreds of hugs. Check out their video.  We’re ready for next year. So today, go online or go outside, and make a donation or […]

  3. I’m the guy @1:03 given and giving a hug on my way to work. My friends, family and I are all huggers and that hug carried me through the day and made it so much better! I have my sticker posted on my desk! Thanks you guys…

    The girl in the sweaters give great hugz… I should know… I’m a teddy-bear! lol!!!

    • giveforward said:

      Thanks so much! It is nice to know that people enjoy being attacked with hugs. 🙂 Stay tuned because we’re already planning for next year!

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