One day a year to give to the causes you care about most

Today is the day, kids.  World Give Day is here.  GiveForward’s team has spent the day giving hugs and making donations.  How do you plan on celebrating?

Here are some ways you can take part:

  • Give a donation.  It is amazing what a difference just $5 can make.  Check out GiveForward’s fundraisers to get inspired!  Today is the last day for our World Give Day fundraising competition, which means one fundraiser on our site will win an extra $750!
  • Give a hug or a high-five.
  • Tell everyone about how you give!  Giving is contagious and if you spread the word, others will give too.  Use Facebook, Twitter, you name it!  (p.s. if you use Twitter, use the hashtag #giveday to join the conversation.)
  • Make a conscious decision to ‘give’ at least once a month.  If you set aside a specific time every month to do some giving (maybe the first Saturday of every month?) and write a reminder on your calendar it will be much easier to keep the spirit of giving alive all year round.

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