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WGD Partner: StartSomeGood

We’re happy to introduce a new World Give Day partner for 2012!

StartSomeGood exists to empower changemakers to raise the funds and mobilize the community they need to move from idea to action and impact.

StartSomeGood was founded by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs, and uses crowdfunding to empower all changemakers to raise the startup capital they need directly from their community, irrespective of if they are for-profit, non-profit or unincorporated.  If you have an idea to transform your community, StartSomeGood helps you make it happen.

Since launching in March 2011, StartSomeGood has helped 38 social entrepreneurs raise $250,000 to launch their initiative.

Here are some stories of users who have found success using StartSomeGood.

Brad Hurvitz – When Brad Hurvitz of Trek to Teach wanted to raise funds before they had 501(c)3 status, he previously would have had few options.  Through StartSomeGood, he raised $2,910 to take action and expand Trek to Teach’s educational offerings to many more students in Nepal with a goal of placing 10 teachers into schools in the Himalayas this year.

Jack McDermott – Having spent years receiving speech therapy for stuttering, Jack McDermott looked for ways to connect the speech therapy community with technology.  He raised $3,246 on StartSomeGood to launch Speech For Good, an iPhone app which makes speech therapy accessible and affordable.

Do Good Bus – The team behind the Do Good Bus had a big vision: take their bus on the road with the Foster The People band hitting up 22 cities and involving thousands of young people in active citizenship and supporting local nonprofits everywhere they went.  With the support of 680 backers, they raised over $100,000 to make it happen.

Check out their eBook below for more awesome success stories: Let’s Start Some Good: What’s Next In 2012.

Big ups to StartSomeGood for partnering with us to help support World Give Day!


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