One day a year to give to the causes you care about most

WGD Partner: Buzzbnk

Introducing our newest partner, Buzzbnk!

Buzzbnk is a crowdfunding website which enables social entrepreneurs and social ventures to raise funds and build a crowd of supporters. The idea of Buzzbnk first came from Michael Norton who had a vision about empowering positive people to back bright ideas by tapping into their social networks.

Buzzbnk is being launched in the UK, but it is open to ventures anywhere in the world which are seeking to deliver a public or social benefit.

Buzzbnk’s first ever successful campaign was run by Timebanking UK, who wanted to publish a book called Your Money or Your Life. Or Both. The first Time Bank in the UK was opened in 1998. Since then, over 250 Time Banks have been launched and thousands of people have discovered that their lives can be richer, safer and far happier if they come together and get back to some ‘give and take’. Through timebanking they have all discovered a way to co-operate, to change their worlds for the better and to share and care for each other – regardless of the size of their bank balances.

Martin Simon, CEO of Timebanking UK, said, “I decided to use crowd-funding through Buzzbnk and self-publish as I am convinced that there will be plenty of people who would be interested in all the great things that have been happening and who would be happy to invest in the book and then enjoy reading it.”

One of Buzzbnk’s first successful international projects was ColaLife’s AidPods. ColaLife had already designed AidPods to fit between the rows of bottles in a crate which carry simple medicines out to rural areas. Through Buzzbnk they were able to raise £3055 to pilot the idea and make it work.

What Buzzbnk finds particularly exciting is the range of projects that comes through their door. They are as equally inspired by small projects as by big ones. Through a partnership with the Young Foundation, Buzzbnk have been helping young UpRisers raise up to £1,000 for their own campaigns. They have helped raised £615 for a pop-up tea room on Human Rights. And at the other end of the scale, they have organisations such as The Converging World, a registered charity, who recently raised over £112,000 towards a new wind turbine as a 5 year loan.

Buzzbnk is an awesome organization, and we’re so thankful to have them on board for World Give Day!


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