One day a year to give to the causes you care about most

Say hello to our new partner for World Give Day, UniversalGiving!

UniversalGiving is an award-winning website that helps people give and volunteer with the top-performing projects all over the world. All projects are vetted through UniversalGiving’s trademarked, proprietary Quality Model.™ 100% of each donation goes directly to the cause. UniversalGiving is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, whose vision is to “Create a World Where Giving and Volunteering Are a Natural Part of Everyday Life.”™

In 2011, UniversalGiving raised thousands of dollars in donations, with users giving amounts ranging from $5 to over $3,000. The site aims to help “everyday donors” make a large-scale impact. Here are some of their top picks for projects serving the world:

Plant new trees and restore degraded areas of the rainforest: There are over 400 acres of degraded forest on Osa Conservation property. UniversalGiving is working to actively restore these areas to healthy rainforest by planting native trees. A donation will allow for the continuation of forest restoration efforts by paying for tree nursery supplies, transportation of trees to planting sites, and land stewardship staff to carry out the entire project.

Provide food and care to children in areas of East Africa devastated by famine: A donation of only $10 provides food and nutritional supplements for a severely malnourished child in The Horn of Africa for one week. 11 million people in this area are at risk of dying due to drought and famine.

Support the building of earthquake-resistant housing, so families can live in safety: Build Change’s work in Haiti since the devastating earthquake has already resulted in builders and homeowners trained, the development of training resources appropriate for Haiti, and the hiring and mentoring of Haitian technical staff. Their important work has resulted in over 24,000 people living in houses that will not collapse in the next earthquake in Indonesia and China; and they will continue expansion of Build Change’s proven, effective post-earthquake housing reconstruction model to Haiti.

Check out their Top Gift Packages and Top Volunteering Opportunities for more ways to give.

We are so grateful to have UniversalGiving’s support for World Give Day!


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