One day a year to give to the causes you care about most

Milaap is a great site that enables you to lend to India’s working poor so they can get access to education, clean water, safe lighting and more. They put together this post for World Give Day so you can give a loan for free! Check it out.

Make a FREE loan on Milaap this World Give Day!

We have come a long way since our launch in 2010, and we are extremely grateful to all our lenders and supporters, because this would have been impossible without you.

Today, May 4th, is World Give Day, and as a way of giving back to you, we have US $40,000 that you can lend for FREE on Milaap, courtesy of one of one of Milaap’s earliest supporters, UnLtd India!

All you have to do is go to, register or login with your Facebook account and enter “UnLtd” as the coupon code. Once you do this, you will get $50 in Milaap credits, and you can help kick start an artisan’s small business, train an unemployed youth for a job or help a family build a toilet so that they no longer have to use the bushes.

You have shown that it is possible to evolve from the traditional concept of giving to the newer one of microlending, and that slowly, we can reinvent the way Indians think about giving by making it pervasive, compulsive and every day.

Now, you can pay it forward! It only takes a click, so visit to change someone’s life today for free.


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