One day a year to give to the causes you care about most


World Give Day is one day a year when people all over the world come together to support the causes they care about most.  Whether you donate to your favorite non-profit, a person in your community, or give some of your time, World Give Day is a day to focus on giving back.

You can make a difference on World Give Day by donating to any of the World Give Day Partners or by donating to a local cause you care about.

World Give Day was started by, an online fundraising tool for individuals.  If you would like to get involved, email us at


On May 4,  people all over the world come together in support of the causes that matter to them the most for the first annual World Give Day.  The goal of World Give Day is to mobilize world-wide philanthropy in a way that has never been done before.  Through partnerships with non-profit organizations all over the world, World Give Day is encouraging people to give back through donating, volunteering, or raising awareness about their favorite causes.  The purpose of World Give Day is to serve as motivation for people to unite in one day of giving, and inspire people to make giving back a priority in our everyday lives.

People all over the world have shown our ability to unite for a cause on a global level.  In 1985, December 5 was designated International Volunteer Day by the United Nations, and is now observed by more than half of countries around the world.  International Volunteer Day was established to recognize all that is achieved through the efforts of volunteer work, and serves as a means to increase public awareness of the effect we can have on society.  Global Youth Service Day, established in 1988, is now the largest service event in the world, being celebrated by over 100 countries.  Global Youth Service Day mobilizes millions of children and youth to address the world’s most critical issues through service and service-learning.  Most recently, people all over the world came together to participate in the fourth annual Earth Hour.  Earth Hour is a global call to action that encourages millions of people, businesses and communities to join together and turn off their lights for one hour in order to recognize our responsibility towards our planet.

World Give Day is working towards achieving this same global success through what is truly a grassroots effort, inspiring people all over the world to make a difference in the lives of others regardless of how much time or money we have to give.  Making an impact on World Give Day could be as simple as posting a link to your favorite charity on Facebook or Twitter, or reminding those around you to get involved in whatever way they can, because World Give Day is based on the underlying belief that every effort, no matter how big or small, can have a significant effect on our society.

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  1. i want to have my charity become a world give day partner! thanks

  2. […] or even giving a hug. The idea and motivation for this day is to celebrate the culture of giving. In their words: “World Give Day is based on the underlying belief that every effort, no matter how big or small, […]

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