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Blogger Buddies

As part of our celebration of  World Give Day, we hold a blog series every year.

For World Give Day 2012, we asked bloggers to respond to the statement: “Small gift, big impact: tell us about a time when you saw a small act of giving create lots of unexpected joy.”

Show our blogger friends some love and check out their sites.

  1. Zealous Good – World Give Day post
  2. Start Some GoodWorld Give Day post Part 1, Part 2
  3. KivaWorld Give Day post
  4. Stacy Ratner World Give Day post
  5. Kelly GarmanWorld Give Day post
  6. Joanne WilsonWorld Give Day post
  7. Jacqueline WayWorld Give Day post
  8. Linda CohenWorld Give Day post
  9. Ethan AustinWorld Give Day post
  10. Sweat For A CauseWorld Give Day post
  11. Imogen Reed – World Give Day post
  12. MilaapWorld Give Day post
  13. Jennifer BarbourWorld Give Day post

Keep checking back for more!


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  1. […] can read more posts from World Give Day Blogger Buddies, here. Meanwhile, I need to decide how I will celebrate giving […]

  2. […] Get in the giving spirit by reading some of the blog series posts and visit our blogger buddies. […]

  3. […] You can read more posts from World Give Day Blogger Buddies, here. […]

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