One day a year to give to the causes you care about most

How Can I Participate?

Not sure how exactly to participate in World Give Day?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some easy ideas on how to get giving!

If you’re…

someone who wants to make the world a better place: fortunately it is pretty easy to get involved with World Give Day on May 4th.  The important thing is to spread the word and keep the giving spirit alive.  Here are a few easy steps:

  • Step one: Make time for one act of giving.  Give a donation, give a hug, just give something.
  • Step two: Shout it from the rooftops! Tell people about your act of giving and encourage your friends and family to give as well.  Spread the word via social media, send a text message, use the Bat-Signal, whatever it takes, just tell everyone you meet about World Give Day and encourage them to give as well.

*On Twitter, follow @WorldGiveDay and hashtags: #WGD & #giveday for the latest on World Give Day.

  • Step three: This one is critical because it keeps the giving going.  Mark one day on your calendar every month to make a day of giving.
  • Step four: Rinse, repeat.

a blogger: take part in World Give Day blog series.  Bloggers are participating by writing about giving by responding to the statement “Small gift, big impact: tell us about a time when you saw a small act of giving create lots of unexpected joy.”  We will then share the posts here on the World Give Day Site and start a conversation about giving.

a crowdfunding site: reach out to us at: and we will get you linked on the World Give Day partner page and send you further information about how you can get involved.

a TVstation/newspaper/writer/other media outlet: give us a holler! We love to talk about giving and we’d be happy to talk more about the history of World Give Day and how we are encouraging people to get involved. You can reach us at: or 312-322-1200.

Comments on: "How Can I Participate?" (4)

  1. where do i find t-shirts to purchase?


    • giveforward said:

      Hi Tim,
      You can find t-shirts here:
      If you live in the Chicago area, stay tuned for info on where we will be handing out hugs on May 4th because we’d love to give you a big World Give Day hug in our World Give Day tshirts! 🙂

  2. […] Or better yet, join the conversation and create a fundraising page for your cause today, or visit World Give Day on the web to read more and find other ways to participate. […]

  3. […] And many many many more ways to participate! […]

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