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Giving (and Receiving)

An awesome Jolkona volunteer put together this post on giving, thanks so much for writing this, Chi Do!

Giving (and Receiving)

I advocate for “balance”, that magical point in the middle where both ends are at this perfect, harmonious position, not tipping either way. When it comes to giving and receiving, my giving end tends to be quite generous. I’m not sure whether it is a personality thing, or it was something I acquired growing up. I remember catching myself saying this numerous times, “I know there is no perfect equality when it comes to giving and receiving in any kind of relationships, so I’m okay with being the giver”, hmmm, quite a statement. However, in this new journey, I do want to strive for that perfect equation, in which I am allowing myself to receive. I read this notion somewhere, “Give and you will Receive more”. Maybe I have been doing it right all along. Although it is more important for me now to open up my heart, to acknowledge, to allow, and to breath in what I receive. I am using this as a segueway for the main topic today, participating in the blog series for World Give Day.

The topic of this year is “Small scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy”

As an avid volunteer of Jolkona Foundation for almost a year, I do believe in small scale donations. It might have stemmed from my childhood where I frequently saved a portion of my weekly allowance to give to the homeless at church every Sunday, when I gave away my savings for flood victims, or the times I donated blood (because that was what I had easy-access to). The point is, as a young child, I shared what I had. That carried on throughout my college years, and now, I found Jolkona’s mission near and dear to my heart. We provide the vehicle to allow everybody to be a philanthropist. We focus on showing the impact of each donation, whether it is a $5 to cure a diarrhea child in India, or a $150 scholarship to a educate a girl in Nepal. All donations count. All donor gets to see their proof of impact.

I encourage each and everyone of you, on this May 4, join together to GIVE.

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Sharing the Giving

Our friend, Bryan Fenster, has been a GiveForward buddy for years.  A philanthropist through and through, we’re honored to have Bryan take part in our World Give Day blog series.

World Give Day 2011

As World Give Day is shown on the horizon, I can’t help but think of how far we’ve come as small-scale donors. Because of you, the often voiceless have a voice, a community can rally and change their narrative, create, build, love harder, and make the best damn tasting “Lemonade” out of the lemons life has given them. Even those who are unable to pay for medical bills/treatment are getting a shot because of your willingness to “GiveForward“.

The digital divide between small-scale donors is closing by the day. Crowdfunding, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and email chains sustain us with what seems like infinite possibilities to get involved and give our time or at the very least, a donation. A donation, no matter the amount, can go a long way. It’s very honorable to give your hard-earned to an organization or cause, family members and friends, and complete strangers. Personally, it’s one the most fulfilling feelings, knowing that you’ve contributed and created movement and progress, to the bettering of a situation or human life. This closes the divide between us that much more while instilling an invested interest that has the potential to influence.

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In A Culture Of Giving

One of our favorite groups, Social Actions, was one of the first groups to join GiveForward for World Give Day, and they have been fantastic World Give Day partners from sharing the World Give Day story with their friends and users, to writing about why giving is so important.  With that, I give you Christine Eggers, of Social Actions, and her take on giving – with a poem!

Christine Egger

In a culture of giving: a contribution to World Give Day

This post is inspired by GiveForward‘s declaration of May 4th as World Give Day. In the tradition of awareness campaigns, this one seeks to draw attention to something that’s around us all the time but which we may take for granted.

In this case, it’s the culture of giving.

For this second annual World Give Day, the GiveForward team invited posts about individual donors and the role they play in the field of philanthropy. What a wonderful topic! As I noodled on it, I kept coming back to what I consider the essence of philanthropy — love towards humanity — and to how that love seems to become a gift in the very act of its expression.

In any case, my post quickly turned into a poem – the first I’ve written in 20 years! Thank you, Ethan, Desiree, Cate, and the entire GiveForward team for the inspiration and reason to put these thoughts in writing. Be sure to catch all of the posts in this series!

In a culture of giving

we sit together

in a circle

you and me,

shoulder to shoulder,

toe to toe.

the note on your forehead reads:

“i am growing.

i have questions.

i stand at the edge of where i am

and reach!”


this is going to be fun

sitting here with you

i form a smile with my heart

and carry it to my lips

you cup your hands

around my smile,

and carry it to your heart


only later do i learn

how the note

on my forehead

inspired the smile

that traveled

from your heart

to mine

From Across The Pond

World Give Day is an international holiday and we were so excited when the Riverside Chicks reached out to us from the U.K. to find out how they could take part in World Give Day.  They wrote this awesome post and are helping spread the word about World Give Day across the pond.  Big thanks to our British Buds!

The Riverside Chicks

We jumped at the chance of making a difference and participate. The smallest amount of giving can have such a huge impact. For example today, I went to the supermarket I saw a girl wearing a cute skirt. I gave her a compliment, she accepted with joy. This is how simple giving can be. By giving you enlighten others to give, hopefully the girl with the cute skirt will complement the next girl that crosses her path.

So if this is all it takes why do so many people refrain from giving? Ignore the homeless guy selling ‘The Big Issue’, look down when we are walking the streets, not speak to our colleagues we pass in the corridors? The 4th May is all about embracing giving! So come on people give a smile, give a compliment, give your time, or give to a charity.

Read more from these chicks…

Ways to Give

We love our buds over at Imerman Angels, and we knew they’d be excited to have a chance to talk about giving.  They hopped on board with World Give Day and put together a great piece about how you can give, often one of the things people struggle with most.  Take a look at some of their great ideas about making giving easy.

Imerman Angels is a cancer support nonprofit organization that creates personalized connections between cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers. We at Imerman Angels are only able to achieve our mission because we have so many dedicated individuals who support us by donating, volunteering, spreading awareness and much more!

For one day each year, people from all over the world come together in support of charities and causes they are passionate about. That day this year is May 4, so in honor of World Give Day we challenge you to take these simple steps to help an organization or a cause you care about.

  • Write or blog about a charity you love to inform your friends and followers about it too.
  • Follow nonprofit organizations on your social media pages.

Climate Cycle and World Give Day

Our friends over at Climate Cycle were kind enough to take some time to participate in our World Give Day blog series by writing about what small scale donors mean to them.  Take a moment to read their thoughts and check out this amazing group.

World Give Day

May 1, 2011 1:05 AM

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead
, an online fundraising tools for individuals, challenged us and others to speak to the idea that small scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy.

And we believe that Margaret Mead’s words say it as well as it can be said. Very often we see a large challenge in front of us and quickly surmise what a large solution may be needed to solve it. But when we step back, we realize that a large solution often takes the form of many small solutions joined together. Like the links on our bike chains that keep our wheels moving, Climate Cycle’s success is in very large part the sum of our small scale donors.

Climate Cycle was started to bring environmental education to students and to empower them to change the way they and their schools (and the community around them) view and use energy. The work of these students drives and complements the strong effort of our Riders, which harnesses the generosity of our donors, who are our friends, our family and our communities. One student at a time, one pedal at a time, one dollar at a time. Some of our supporters may consider that their donations of time, effort and money are of a small scale. But we don’t see it that way.

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It Doesn’t Take A Lot To Make A Difference

Another amazing blogger, Melissa Kowalchuk, has taken the time to write a little about giving and why she thinks it has such an impact on the world around us.

It Doesn’t Take A Lot To Make A Difference

To me, small scale donors are the people who want to give back and make a difference, but might not necessarily have large funds or amounts of time.

I’m someone who has always enjoyed giving back through volunteering. Ever since I was young, I would find ways to give back which was always done through volunteering because I never had a lot of money to donate. Until recently, I didn’t know a whole lot about micro-financing or micro-donation. Until recently, I fell into the trap that so many people at this life-stage fall into – graduate college, find a job, and get so caught up in supporting themselves for the first time and making a career for themselves that they forget to give back or simply don’t have the time. With student loans looming over our heads, and with something to prove, we pour our heart and soul into our jobs. I say “we” because I know quite a few people who have been in the same boat, but I suppose I can only speak on behalf of myself. For those of us with limited funds and time, micro-donation seems to be the perfect answer.
To me, small scale donors are the young kids who from a very early age have an innate desire to help those around them, and will do whatever necessary to fill that desire.

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