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Our World Give Day partners, FirstGiving, wrote a great post about how to join the conversation and give.


Today, on World Give Day, we’re joining a community of great folks blogging about what it takes to make a difference. Here are the facts: it takes some effort, but you don’t have to be superhuman.

In fact, a whole bunch of bloggers and friends of FirstGiving have been weighing in on the idea that “small scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy.” We’ve all heard that “every little bit counts,” but this statement is bold. The backbone? Really?

Yes! is the resounding consensus from our fans on Facebook. And our experience bears this out – for almost a decade, people have raised millions of dollars for causes they care about on FirstGiving by asking family and friends to give in small denominations – $50, $100, $25, sometimes even just $1. The success of these passionate people speaks for itself.

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Crowdfunding Groups Gather Behind World Give Day

We are really excited for this year’s World Give Day because for the first time ever, crowdfunding websites are banding together to make a difference in the world, one tweet, one post and one dollar at a time.

World Give Day is one day a year when people can come together to support their favorite causes.  Crowdfunding websites are an easy and effective medium for people to pool their money and resources to make a difference.

On May 4th, 2011, crowdfunding sites from across the web will be coming together to demonstrate the impact that donors who harness the power of technology can have.  We hope you’ll mark you calendars and plan on celebrating with us.

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