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Seven Days Of Giving

One of the purposes of World Give Day is to encourage people to make giving a part of their daily lives, not just something that happens on a rare occasion.

To get people in the giving spirit, everyone over here at GiveForward is excited to kick off a fundraising competition that runs for the week leading into World Give Day.  This competition is called “Seven Days of Giving”.

During the week leading up to World Give Day, the fundraiser that raises the most money will win a $750 contribution from GiveForward.

All public fundraisers on our site are eligible to win the World Give Day Challenge. If you’re rooting for a particular project, be sure to give it that extra boost during the seven days between April 28th and May 4th to increase its likelihood of winning. This is a great opportunity to both promote your favorite fundraiser and support World Give Day. With arms sore from our free hugs marathon, we’ll present the victorious fundraiser with its laurel wreath and milk jug on May 5th.

Guess what today is?  Day one.  Have you given a little something today?

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