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World Give Day Gear

After Ethan’s interview on ABC7 where he had a chance to debut our awesome World Give Day t-shirts, there was a huge increase in demand for World Give Day gear (meaning we had a few people ask…) so here it is, your chance to own your very own World Give Day t-shirt, mug or doggie shirt.

Just check out our Cafepress shop and pick the gear you like most.  There is also plenty of GiveForward and Giveasaurus swag as well.  So head on over and show your World Give Day spirit!

Blog Series Kickoff

Part of the goal of World Give Day is to get people talking about giving.  To that end we’re hosting a blog series encouraging bloggers to respond to the statement “Small scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy.” (Want to take part?  Just shoot us an email:

We’re just one month away from World Give Day, so what better way to get pumped up than share the first in our blog series?

This post came from the blog “Seriously, You’re Taking My Bagels?!?” on the site.  Enjoy!

World Give Day

Cate C. on 04.04.11 at 11:59 AM
World Give Day is just one month away (May 4th) and I’m excited to take part in a blog series being held in honor of the event (for a bit of background check out the World Give Day site here).  As part of the series, myself and other bloggers are responding to the statement “Small scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy.”  A statement that it’s not tough to agree with.
I think in the past few years the internet has managed to completely change the way we view philanthropy.  Before the internet was a household tool, most people thought of ‘philanthropy’ as something practiced only by those with a disposable income….

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