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Do Good, Live Well

The giving spirit was spreading like wildfire yesterday and we had so many people join our blog series with truly inspiring posts.  One such post was written by our friend over at Do Good, Live Well.  Take a look…

Happy World Give Day

Today is… World Give Day

On Monday, I enjoyed a speech by the guy who started World Give Day. His name is Ethan Austin and he’s also the founder of, a website that offers free fundraising pages for friends and family members of loved ones who are facing medical crises. What a great idea. Ethan mentioned how bizarre it is that as a society, we are quick to send a check or a gift when it’s someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or graduation. But what do we do when a crisis hits? No one really knows exactly how to help. Our intentions are always noble, but there’s no good system for sending support when it REALLY matters, right!?

Well, GiveForward fixes that. Ethan wants anyone who is facing a serious illness to be able to benefit from the generosity of friends, family members, coworkers, even strangers. So he created a hub for managing donations that can make a huge difference for someone facing a medical challenge.

So today, in honor of Ethan and World Give Day, I am giving $25 to Kamron Mains, a young boy on GiveForward fighting brain cancer in Florida.  Today is for Kamron!

Will you consider joining me for World Give Day?  You don’t have to give money. You can give ANYTHING!  Here are three ideas…

  1. GIVE AN ANGEL !! Join my Angel Endeavor. Give someone who is fighting cancer a friend, mentor, and support system by registering a cancer survivor as an Imerman Angel.

The Giving Doesn’t End…

World Give Day is over for yet another year, but the giving doesn’t end just because it is May 5th (c’mon it is Cinco de Mayo, give someone a margarita!).  In fact, we still have a few awesome World Give Day blog posts rolling in for our blogging series.  This post is one the hug-crazy staff at GiveForward particularly likes.  A big thank you to Nikita Mitchell from Journeyful Life for putting this gem together.

Free Hugs on World Give Day (and Every Other Day)

For a long time the Free Hugs Campaign video has been one of my favorite YouTube videos. This is probably no surprise to those of you who know me. I’ve been known to endorse hugging as a legitimate solution to many-a-problem, for both local issues (aka fights in my house) and global issues (group hugs are powerful stuff). Former coworkers have even nominated me for non-existent Chief Hugging Officer positions. Clearly this is something I’m proud of…

Hugging is one of those things that everyone doesn’t love. It can be awkward and confusing to do with new people, it can be uncomfortable with those you don’t know intimately, and it can leave the scent of someone’s cheap cologne lingering on your clothes all day. I get it. Really, I do.

However on the flip side, it could literally be the one thing that makes your day. I’ve been there, and I’m sure many of you have too. Similar to a smile, an unexpected hug from someone can remind you of the kindness and compassion in the world.

Today I was reminded of how much I enjoy the act of receiving hugs, so I’ve decided to make it my act of giving for World Give Day, a day organized to encourage people to give – whether it’s by making a donation, through their time, or even a simple hug.

I mean, really. What could be more perfect? Everyday I’m surrounded by individuals who are willing to give without hesitation. Whether it’s their time that they’re giving to nonprofits as volunteers or whether it’s their money that they’re giving to individuals like me who are fundraising for a cause. The love is always being spread through my community.

Keep reading! (and check out the awesome video)

Giving hugs

Just a taste of our morning giving out hugs, if you want to get your own hug we will  be at Daley plaza from 11:30am-1pm handing out hugs!

Tutor Mentor Connection

Tutor Mentor Connection joined the World Give Day conversation yesterday with their own post on why small scale donors are changing the face of philanthropy.  Please take a moment to read their post and learn more about this great group.

For more from this blog series click here.  Want to join the conversation?  Email us to get involved in this blog series.

SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2011

World Give Day – May 4, 2011

I was invited by my friends at Give Forward to participate in a blog series they are hosting at in honor of World Give Day < > .

World Give Day is an annual day of giving that encourages people to give whether it is a donation, their time, or even a hug. The goal of this day is to encourage the culture of giving.

Since I’ve led an organization for 37 years that has depended on the contributions of time, talent and dollars from many people, I’m delighted to write about this.

In fact, I’ve been writing about the challenges of making mentor-rich non-school tutor/mentor programs available in hundreds of locations for the past 18 years in my role as leader of Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

I hope you’ll take some time to read some of the past articles.

The challenge of a non-profit leader is the same challenge I had as an advertising manager of the Montgomery Ward Corporation, yet larger.

How Do You Give?

World Give Day is a day focused on giving.  Whether it is giving a donation, giving your time or giving a hug, World Give Day’s focus is to encourage the culture of giving.

So on that note, what is your favorite way to give?  Here at GiveForward, we love giving hugs, in fact we make an effort every day to hug one of our users, and make a co-worker smile.

Hugs are our favorite way to give, what is yours?

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