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One Person Can Make A Difference

This mother-daughter contribution to the World Give Day blog series perfectly captures the impact that giving can have from the point of view of a cancer survivor.  Who better to talk about the difference that individuals can make, than someone who fought through breast cancer and then in turn gave her time and strength to help others do the same?

A big thanks to Jamie and Linda for taking the time to share their experience.

One Person Can Make A Difference

by Jamie Hager

I am thrilled to take part in World Give DayGiveForward is an amazing organization that helps individuals fundraise for medical and philanthropic causes. When writing my own post (which is coming shortly!) for World Give Day, I kept thinking of my mom. Not only is she the greatest mother (I’m slightly biased), she is an amazing, caring, selfless woman. Since beating breast cancer, she has taken it upon herself to help other cancer patients. Whether its being an advocate, raising funds, or simply being an empathetic ear, Linda goes above and beyond. Before I shared my own thoughts for World Give Day, I wanted to share what my mom wrote for World Give Day:

Who says that one person can’t make a difference in the world? Or change the world to a better place?  That certainly is not my motto. I believe that behind every fundraising dollar there is always a passionate person.  I am one of those people.  

Click here to keep reading about how these two keep the giving spirit alive every year.

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