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It Doesn’t Take A Lot To Make A Difference

Another amazing blogger, Melissa Kowalchuk, has taken the time to write a little about giving and why she thinks it has such an impact on the world around us.

It Doesn’t Take A Lot To Make A Difference

To me, small scale donors are the people who want to give back and make a difference, but might not necessarily have large funds or amounts of time.

I’m someone who has always enjoyed giving back through volunteering. Ever since I was young, I would find ways to give back which was always done through volunteering because I never had a lot of money to donate. Until recently, I didn’t know a whole lot about micro-financing or micro-donation. Until recently, I fell into the trap that so many people at this life-stage fall into – graduate college, find a job, and get so caught up in supporting themselves for the first time and making a career for themselves that they forget to give back or simply don’t have the time. With student loans looming over our heads, and with something to prove, we pour our heart and soul into our jobs. I say “we” because I know quite a few people who have been in the same boat, but I suppose I can only speak on behalf of myself. For those of us with limited funds and time, micro-donation seems to be the perfect answer.
To me, small scale donors are the young kids who from a very early age have an innate desire to help those around them, and will do whatever necessary to fill that desire.

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