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When Crowdfunding Collaborates

Because every day should be World Give Day, we’re keeping the blog series going throughout the year.  Big thanks to our friends at Social Edge and 33needs for putting this post together for us.

When Crowdfunding Collaborates

WGD is a day when the crowdfunding community collaborates; a day when a number of websites committed to micro-philanthropy and micro-investing band together to promote the spirit of giving.

Oh, when crowdfunding collaborates.

In the midst of the all the potential changes to crowdfunding law during the past three weeks, something inspiring (not that legal reform isn’t inspring!) was taking place: World Give Day 2011 (WGD). WGD is a day when the crowdfunding community collaborates; a day when a number of websites committed to micro-philanthropy and micro-investing band together to promote the spirit of giving.
WGD was started in 2010 by Ethan Austin and Desiree Wrigley, the founders of GiveForward, a crowdfunding platform to help people raise money for medical expenses. WGD 2011 featured sites that specialize in medical, educational, social entrepreneurship and non-profit crowdfunding. It’s a unique way to catalyze giving and volunteering through the power of the crowd, and we couldn’t be more excited about their work.
The crowdfunding sites that participated included GiveForward, (medical expenses) GiveGlobalGiving, (non-profits) CauseVox, (non-profits) IndieGoGo, (creative) Edulender, (education) 33needs, (social enterprise) and many more.
Both Ethan and Desiree saw the campaigns and resources dedicated to volunteering through the years, but not as much for giving. Their answer? Start something! Some early results from this year? WGD 2011 had almost 30 bloggers join their blog series about giving; the day raised lots of money for causes that matter, including a large corporate contribution; and, awesomely, GiveForward gave out literally hundreds of hugs. Check out their video. 
We’re ready for next year. So today, go online or go outside, and make a donation or volunteer your time in recognition of the power of the crowd and WGD.

Do Good, Live Well

The giving spirit was spreading like wildfire yesterday and we had so many people join our blog series with truly inspiring posts.  One such post was written by our friend over at Do Good, Live Well.  Take a look…

Happy World Give Day

Today is… World Give Day

On Monday, I enjoyed a speech by the guy who started World Give Day. His name is Ethan Austin and he’s also the founder of, a website that offers free fundraising pages for friends and family members of loved ones who are facing medical crises. What a great idea. Ethan mentioned how bizarre it is that as a society, we are quick to send a check or a gift when it’s someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or graduation. But what do we do when a crisis hits? No one really knows exactly how to help. Our intentions are always noble, but there’s no good system for sending support when it REALLY matters, right!?

Well, GiveForward fixes that. Ethan wants anyone who is facing a serious illness to be able to benefit from the generosity of friends, family members, coworkers, even strangers. So he created a hub for managing donations that can make a huge difference for someone facing a medical challenge.

So today, in honor of Ethan and World Give Day, I am giving $25 to Kamron Mains, a young boy on GiveForward fighting brain cancer in Florida.  Today is for Kamron!

Will you consider joining me for World Give Day?  You don’t have to give money. You can give ANYTHING!  Here are three ideas…

  1. GIVE AN ANGEL !! Join my Angel Endeavor. Give someone who is fighting cancer a friend, mentor, and support system by registering a cancer survivor as an Imerman Angel.

The Power of Giving

A fabulous post by our friend Desiree Adaway.  Big thanks to our friend and fellow philanthropist!

The Power Of Giving

by DESIREE ADAWAY on MAY 4, 2011

Generosity is not giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is giving me that which you need more than I do.
Khalil Gibran

Times are difficult for so many people.  Huge unemployment, record breaking gas prices and a general sense of unease have made many of us fearful. We just are not sure what the future will bring.

We thought that by 2011 things would have gotten better and for many of us things have. Yet that nervousness of the bottom dropping out still plagues us… still lingers.

I have at times over the past year felt hesitant to give, donate or share.  It shames me to write that, but it is the truth.  At times I have felt that fear. That feeling of lack-the false sense that if I hold on tightly to what I have things will be ok, if not better.

It was so not true.

Conventional wisdom tells me to hold on tight, holding my coins tightly in my hand and to ignore the pain and suffering of others. Spiritual wisdom tells me to give freely and even to give more especially when I feel that I cannot. This wisdom tells me to dig deeper and connect with those in need. It tells me help in all ways I can—emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Click here to keep reading…

Compass X Strategy

Our friends over at Compass X Strategy put together this awesome post about why they make giving a part of their company motto.

Compass X Strategy

I loved Saturday mornings when I was a kid.  My sister and I were devoted to Schoolhouse Rock (Interjection!) and The Superfriends.  In general, I never considered my self a superhero fan, but there was something about the Superfriends.  Mostly, I was in awe of the transformational powers of the Wonder Twins.  “Wonder Twin powers, activate!  Form of…”  Watching them use their powers to do or be something different was mesmerizing.  I didn’t realize it then, but what I have come to realize is that they were actually quite deep. They acted with purpose.  They stated their intentions aloud (“Activate, form of….”).  They committed to it.

So, in Wonder Twin fashion…. “Business, activate!  Form of….good citizen.”  I like it.   Now, how to make that happen.  Obviously, it must start by doing good work.  Whatever it is you do, do it well.  Make your customers, patrons, or clients deliriously happy.  Deliver a positive return on their investment.   Make their lives and their businesses better.  Is that enough?  Can business also be a force for good?  Some will say that if the purpose of a business is to make money, that spending more to be force for good to the planet and community doesn’t make financial sense.  But here’s the thing.  It does.  Studies show that companies that take care of all their stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and the planet) actually do a better job of delivering returns to their shareholders than those that just focus on  the bottom line.  If you are interested in learning more, check out the book Firms of Endearment.

In that spirit – here is the idea (Big shout out to BCause Media for being the catalyst on this).  Companies should give.  Give the time and skills of their individuals.  Give donations to organizations and causes in the community.  Make them relevant to your company’s mission and your employees passion.  But give.  To spur some ideas, here is what we do at Compass X Strategy.  We donate 20% of our time  to pro-bono work to worthy causes and awesome start-ups.  And we donate 2% of every project’s corporate consulting fees to charity.  Where the money goes is up to our clients.  What will your company do?

Make Jayna, Zan (and their Space Monkey Gleek) proud.  Happy World Give Day!

Donation Made to Salvation Army in Honor of World Give Day

Capital Gold Group Donates to The Salvation Army Relief Fund for Victims of Southeastern Tornadoes

LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — In support of World Give Day and a continued commitment to giving to those in need, Capital Gold Group, Inc. has announced that a corporate donation has been made to support the much needed efforts of The Salvation Army Tornado Relief Fund for the victims of the deadly tornado outbreak which ravaged much of the Southeastern United States.

Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia were struck by as many as 312 tornadoes during the 24-hour period between 8:00 a.m. April 27 and 8:00 a.m. April 28, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  The confirmed dead totals 340 with thousands of others injured and left homeless by the devastating twisters. Residents of Alabama were hit the hardest with over 246 killed in the state alone. President Barack Obama visited Alabama on April 29, signing a disaster declaration for Alabama, along with Mississippi and Georgia. Expert analysis by NOAA Research and the National Weather Service of the fatality information from the twisters indicated that April 27, 2011, was the single deadliest day for tornadoes since March 18, 1925.

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) has deployed teams across the Southeast to provide support to storm survivors in the affected areas, as well as mobile feeding units including catering trucks, mobile kitchens, and a 20,000 meal per day full service field kitchen. A donation to The Salvation Army Tornado Relief Fund helps to provide the immediate relief and emergency services to victims affected by the twisters. Initial funds contributed to The Salvation Army Tornado Relief Fund by Capital Gold Group, Inc. and others will help get necessary services and supplies such as clean water, food, blankets, and medicine to the survivors of these destructive tornadoes.

Donations can be made at the website,, or to donate $10 text the word “GIVE” to80888.  Capital Gold Group is urging other socially responsible individuals and corporations to support the relief effort for the victims of this overwhelming tragedy.

Create a Ripple Effect of Change on World Give Day

Laura Kimball has been an amazing World Give Day advocate both as an individual and as a part of Jolkona.  She wrote this great post for our blog series.  Big big World Give Day hugs to Laura and everyone over at Jolkona!

Create a Ripple Effect of Change on World Give Day

This post is part of a blog series inspired by World Give Day and hosted by GiveForward. To find other posts in this series please visit or follow the hashtag#giveday.

World Give DayA few weeks ago I was introduced to GiveForward, a crowdfunding site that empowers individuals fundraise money online for medical expenses like chemotherapy, organ transplants, mission trips, and their favorite non-profits. Their values and approach are very similar to Jolkona as they encourage you to use your small-scale donations to create a big impact. They do it by allowing individuals to start campaigns and raise money for a very large expense. And we do it by partnering with nonprofits around the world to find with cost, high impact projects and let you track the impact of your gift over time.

Small donations are the backbone of philanthropy

Mission statements aside, our vision is to cultivate the next generation of philanthropists by showing that you, our community and donors, can make a difference today for as little as $5. This vision and the idea that small-scale donations are the backbone of philanthropy is a thread that connects us with GiveForward and a number of other nonprofits and social enterprises that are part of the paradigm shift in philanthropy.

It’s the idea that you can make a difference no matter how much or how little you have to offer. For example, one of our projects allows you to provide group housing for the future leaders of Rwanda for $45. While that project alone may not mean anything, if you consider the fact that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and AIDS epidemic has produced the largest percentage of orphans of any country in the world (825,000 orphans in a country of 10 million people), providing housing for an educated society will give these ambitious students a safe home and support system that will allow them to further their education and rebuild their country. The life-long impact of this single donation is huge. Can you imagine what that student will accomplish because of your gift?

The ripple effect you can create from one small gift is limitless.

How we are celebrating World Give Day

To celebrate this approach to giving and philanthropy, we’re excited to partner with GiveForward for World Give Day, a day where people all over the world are coming together to celebrate the causes they’re most passionate about.

Keep reading here…


The Voye’m blog, all about taking a journey in philanthropy, was kind enough to write a World Give Day Post.  Take a read then learn more about starting your own philanthropic journey!

World Give Day, and Small Scale Donors

May 3rd, 2011 § Leave a Comment

Today is world give day, something I hadn’t even heard of until Laura Kimballemailed and asked me to take part in a blogging series about it. Specifically, a blogging series around the topic “Small scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy.”

I have been thinking about world give day, and small scale donors, since I got Laura’s email.

I thought about how small scale donors were part of Nakate’s Empowered.Org summer campaign. I thought about Tipping Bucket, and our proposal that is going through final review for their site.

I thought about Millie Ojera, her work in Uganda, her home country, and her saying, this weekend, that every little bit counts.  Millie gets the concept of small scale donors because she sees it broken down in the day to day. She sees the stories that small donations take part in – $15 for this woman who needs a bus fare to pick up sons that were taken from her when she was left to bed dead two years ago. $50 for this woman, who needs a loan in order to start a vegetable stand. $30 for a family to get rice, beans, kerosene and sugar.

I think that’s the real rub – the knowledge that either what you’re doing makes the difference it’s said pledged to make, or it doesn’t. So, in a very real way, small scale donors, coupled with causes and individuals that put their money to good use (and the use its pledged to) are the backbone of philanthropy.

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In A Culture Of Giving

One of our favorite groups, Social Actions, was one of the first groups to join GiveForward for World Give Day, and they have been fantastic World Give Day partners from sharing the World Give Day story with their friends and users, to writing about why giving is so important.  With that, I give you Christine Eggers, of Social Actions, and her take on giving – with a poem!

Christine Egger

In a culture of giving: a contribution to World Give Day

This post is inspired by GiveForward‘s declaration of May 4th as World Give Day. In the tradition of awareness campaigns, this one seeks to draw attention to something that’s around us all the time but which we may take for granted.

In this case, it’s the culture of giving.

For this second annual World Give Day, the GiveForward team invited posts about individual donors and the role they play in the field of philanthropy. What a wonderful topic! As I noodled on it, I kept coming back to what I consider the essence of philanthropy — love towards humanity — and to how that love seems to become a gift in the very act of its expression.

In any case, my post quickly turned into a poem – the first I’ve written in 20 years! Thank you, Ethan, Desiree, Cate, and the entire GiveForward team for the inspiration and reason to put these thoughts in writing. Be sure to catch all of the posts in this series!

In a culture of giving

we sit together

in a circle

you and me,

shoulder to shoulder,

toe to toe.

the note on your forehead reads:

“i am growing.

i have questions.

i stand at the edge of where i am

and reach!”


this is going to be fun

sitting here with you

i form a smile with my heart

and carry it to my lips

you cup your hands

around my smile,

and carry it to your heart


only later do i learn

how the note

on my forehead

inspired the smile

that traveled

from your heart

to mine

Open Books

Most of the World Give Day partners are all pretty dedicated bookworms so it seemed only natural to reach out to our buddies at Open Books to write about what giving means in their world.

Check out this inspiring post and then head over to Open Books to pick up a good read!

World Give Day: Small-scale Donors are the Backbone of Philanthropy

By Erica | April 20th, 2011

To begin, let me shed some light on the mission of World Give Day, which is May 4th this year.  World Give Day is one day a year when people all over the world come together to support the causes they care about most, whether that means a donating to a local charity, volunteering with a nonprofit, or spending time with a person in need in your community.  The focus is to call attention to the positive impact of a culture of giving.

While every nonprofit dreams of a hitting a grant jackpot which would secure them unlimited funding, we cannot depend solely on receiving grants or winning awards to fund our organization.  We rely on the compassion of individuals.  These small-scale donors are the building blocks of a nonprofit; They help us make ends meet and provide our organization with the human capital to power our programs. At Open Books, we are fortunate enough to see individuals who give of themselves every day, from the donors who give us their used books, to the mentors who work with our students, and the volunteers who staff our bookstore.

Continue reading Erica’s awesome post here.

Running for Good

Yet another inspiring post was written today as part of our World Give Day blog series.  A big thanks to Loving the Run and Brady for joining our discussion about giving.  Take a moment to read her moving story about why she runs.

Running for Good

GiveForward—a Chicago-based organization that provides individuals with fund-raising pages— asked Loving the Run to respond to the following statement: “Small-scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy.” Here’s my perspective as an endurance athlete.

My Dad

This week marks the 16th anniversary of my dad’s passing. He died of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, at 46. My sister and I were 10 and 11 at the time.

In the years following, I did little to honor his memory. I thought about him every day. I talked about him every chance I got. That was it, until last year…

To read the rest of Brady’s post click here to head over to Loving The Run.

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