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Small Gift, Big Impact: The Joy of Pillows

This blog post is a part of the World Give Day blog series, courtesy our friends at Zealous Good, they help your goods, do great.  Check them out!

Small Gift, Big Impact: The Joy of Pillows

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 11:18 am.Written by 


I had just started working at Zealous Good last month when our team had the pleasure of delivering donations to Ravenswood Community Child Care Center or RC4, as part of ourHoliday Delivery Challenge. RC4 had requested arts and crafts supplies and pillows to replace the worn out ones in their library.

We entered into the classroom carrying a large, sealed cardboard box. The teacher called the young recipients to the carpet and they waited as best as pre-schoolers can. First out of the box were the craft supplies, colored dotters and sheets of felt. The items were passed around and the kids inspected each new item. Then came the pillows and the kids hugging the pillows and the kids not wanting to let go of the pillows.

The arts and crafts supplies were suppose to be the big hit of the day and the pillows a more practical gift. This is what the adults thought. But what we had all forgotten was that pillows are good for snuggling, feeling safe, and making a school feel like home. And so it was the small gift of pillows that provided the biggest impact and unexpected joy.

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