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From Across The Pond

World Give Day is an international holiday and we were so excited when the Riverside Chicks reached out to us from the U.K. to find out how they could take part in World Give Day.  They wrote this awesome post and are helping spread the word about World Give Day across the pond.  Big thanks to our British Buds!

The Riverside Chicks

We jumped at the chance of making a difference and participate. The smallest amount of giving can have such a huge impact. For example today, I went to the supermarket I saw a girl wearing a cute skirt. I gave her a compliment, she accepted with joy. This is how simple giving can be. By giving you enlighten others to give, hopefully the girl with the cute skirt will complement the next girl that crosses her path.

So if this is all it takes why do so many people refrain from giving? Ignore the homeless guy selling ‘The Big Issue’, look down when we are walking the streets, not speak to our colleagues we pass in the corridors? The 4th May is all about embracing giving! So come on people give a smile, give a compliment, give your time, or give to a charity.

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