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Running for Good

Yet another inspiring post was written today as part of our World Give Day blog series.  A big thanks to Loving the Run and Brady for joining our discussion about giving.  Take a moment to read her moving story about why she runs.

Running for Good

GiveForward—a Chicago-based organization that provides individuals with fund-raising pages— asked Loving the Run to respond to the following statement: “Small-scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy.” Here’s my perspective as an endurance athlete.

My Dad

This week marks the 16th anniversary of my dad’s passing. He died of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, at 46. My sister and I were 10 and 11 at the time.

In the years following, I did little to honor his memory. I thought about him every day. I talked about him every chance I got. That was it, until last year…

To read the rest of Brady’s post click here to head over to Loving The Run.

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