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Giving (and Receiving)

An awesome Jolkona volunteer put together this post on giving, thanks so much for writing this, Chi Do!

Giving (and Receiving)

I advocate for “balance”, that magical point in the middle where both ends are at this perfect, harmonious position, not tipping either way. When it comes to giving and receiving, my giving end tends to be quite generous. I’m not sure whether it is a personality thing, or it was something I acquired growing up. I remember catching myself saying this numerous times, “I know there is no perfect equality when it comes to giving and receiving in any kind of relationships, so I’m okay with being the giver”, hmmm, quite a statement. However, in this new journey, I do want to strive for that perfect equation, in which I am allowing myself to receive. I read this notion somewhere, “Give and you will Receive more”. Maybe I have been doing it right all along. Although it is more important for me now to open up my heart, to acknowledge, to allow, and to breath in what I receive. I am using this as a segueway for the main topic today, participating in the blog series for World Give Day.

The topic of this year is “Small scale donors are the backbone of philanthropy”

As an avid volunteer of Jolkona Foundation for almost a year, I do believe in small scale donations. It might have stemmed from my childhood where I frequently saved a portion of my weekly allowance to give to the homeless at church every Sunday, when I gave away my savings for flood victims, or the times I donated blood (because that was what I had easy-access to). The point is, as a young child, I shared what I had. That carried on throughout my college years, and now, I found Jolkona’s mission near and dear to my heart. We provide the vehicle to allow everybody to be a philanthropist. We focus on showing the impact of each donation, whether it is a $5 to cure a diarrhea child in India, or a $150 scholarship to a educate a girl in Nepal. All donations count. All donor gets to see their proof of impact.

I encourage each and everyone of you, on this May 4, join together to GIVE.

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Small Scale Volunteering With A Large Scale Impact

Giving is about more than just money, it is about providing something that will help others.  As our friends over at Volunteer Match discuss in their post, it is also important to remember to give of your time.

A big thanks to our volunteering friends for all they do to make this world a better place.

Small-Scale Volunteering with Large-Scale Impact

by Shari Ilsen on April 27, 2011 · 0 comments

in Volunteer recognition

Imagine for just a minute that your nonprofit is like a living, breathing human body. With each step the body takes, you come closer to fulfilling your mission.

There are thousands of factors involved in making this body work. But the structure, the skeleton of your organization, is formed by your volunteers. They determine the shape, strength and function of the body and how exactly you’ll accomplish your important work.

With so many bones to keep track of, most of us tend to forget about the small ones, like the individual vertebrae in our backbone. Unless they’re not working right, these parts are not constantly at the forefront of our awareness the way our arms and legs are – but there’s no doubt about their importance.

Your small-scale volunteers, the ones you only see occasionally, are like these small bones. They come in when asked, love your work, and really do help out, even if their contribution is measured in hours per month or year instead of hours per week. Some of us may not fully appreciate these volunteers until they’re gone or, well, not really working right.

So let’s take some time now to recognize these small bones in the skeleton of your organization. Maybe they just come in an hour or two per month. Maybe they join you for one day a year. But we all feel their impact, and our nonprofits depend on their help. They might be small, like individual vertebrae, but together they form the backbone of your organization.

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